Welcome to the Phoenix Transition Society of Prince George BC.

Phoenix Transition Society Mission

We at the Phoenix Transition House, work to support women and children during their healing journey. We do this in a caring, safe and respectful atmosphere that facilitates personal discovery of mind, body and spirit.

Our Philosophy

We strive for humanitarian and egalitarian ideals. The Society believes in the instrinsic worth and dignity of every human being and we are committed to the values of acceptance, self-determination, ending violence aginst women and children, and respecting each person's right to individuality.

Our Inspiration

The legendary Phoenix Bird fell from heaven to the ground, burst into flames and was renewed from the ashes. As a woman is able to renew herself from the ashes of her broken dreams with other women's support, she moves from victim to survivor to thrivor.

To contact us please call 250-563-7305.