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Phoenix Transition Society Personnel

The Phoenix Transition House is a temporary shelter/housing for women and women with their children whgo have experienced and/or at risk of abuse and violence. We helpt to suypport women and their children during the healing journey and their road to recovery, of mind, body and spirit. We offer emotional support, crisis intervention, safety planning, children support, referrals and specialized outeach.

We offer daily in-house programs to help women with past and present issues that affect the way their lives have been. These programs are offered to help women share life experiences and receive feedback from each other. Self-awareness is the first step in their jouirney to a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their children.

Client Eligibility:

All women and their dependent children who are at risk of violence or have experienced violence, regardless of ethno-cultural background, religious beliefs, physical abiloity, health, mental wellness, social context, sexual orientation, religious beliefs.

PTS reserves the right to make decisions to restrict access on a case-by-case basis in order to balance the needs of those requesting service with the safety and well-being of others and the available resources

To be eligible women must be over the age of nineteen (19) and their dependent male and female children must be under the age of nineteen (19).

To contact us please call 250-563-7305.


Executive Director Karen Underhill receives the 2016 Prince George Citizen of the Year Award