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Phoenix House is a community resource for women and children. We welcome women of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Residents are required to be substance free while living at the house. The house is located close to downtown where there is available health care, programs and shopping. Recreational resources are also within easy walking distance. Residents make their own breakfast but lunch and dinner meals are prepared. There is shared space for dining living room and laundry, and a play area for children and mothers upstairs.

Residents can upgrade job skills, attend educational programs, or address addiction concerns while living at the house. Physical and mental health resources can be accessed while residing with us.

The Homeless Prevention Program funded by BC Housing has an office at Phoenix House and offers additional support for women in at-risk groups facing homelessness with rent supplements to access rental housing.

Beds: 10 rooms with a variety of sleeping arrangements for single women or women with children

Population:  Women 18+, with or without children

In House Programs:

  • Morning Reflections:  An opportunity for women to start their day with a check-in and positive daily affirmations of encouraging words and wisdom.
  • Healthy Relationships / Healthy Families: Program that describes and develops Healthy Families and Relationships and an understanding of domestic violence. Activities include evaluation of relationships, understanding abuse, exploring values, building healthy relationships and making good decisions. Activities are offered through use of art, worksheets, dialogue and shared experiences. (The Intergenerational Cycle of Abuse; how abuse affects our children.
  • Life skills: Education on topics of: Budgeting, goal setting, safety planning, social and emotional skills etc.
  • Striving for Balance:  A series of workshops focused on women’s health and healthy life styles which include physical/body, spiritual/soul, emotional/feelings and mental/intellectual.
  • In-house meetings: opportunity for residents and staff to discuss community living issues that come up over the week.
  • Self-Discovery: Trusting your intuition and internal strength to discover healing messages about life purpose and relationship with self to live a more fulfilling life. Using affirmations, developing your intuition and set goals for a focused and positive mindset.
  • Tuesday evening Women’s Support Group: includes education on safety planning; wellness plans, boundaries, assertive vs. aggressive behaviours, information on addiction issues.
  • Children Who Witness Abuse: Support for children who have witnessed abuse and domestic violence. For individuals or groups, providing a safe environment to talk about feelings and problem solving skills.
  • Yoga: a step by step approach for developing strength, flexibility, good breathing habits, concentration and relaxation.

Educational / Skill Development Programs in the community:

  • University of Northern British Columbia
  • College of New Caledonia – offers college level and trades red seal programing
  • Employment Action
  • Canadian Vocational Training Centre
  • Native Friendship Centre (Career Development Counsellor)
  • WorkBC – Prince George

Addiction Programs in Prince George:

  • Northern Health Day Treatment Program
  • Native Friendship Centre – counsellors for adults and youth
  • Northern Health - Mental Health and Addictions (one on one counselling)

For more information, please call 250-563-7305